Most Effective Home Remedies For Tonsil Stones

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as a sore throat, trouble swallowing, tonsil swelling and bad breath they you’ve likely got tonsil stones.

If you don’t know what they are then don’t worry, they’re more common than you’d think and you can easily remove them at home.

They’re basically clumps of food, mucus, bacteria and other material that has gathered together in the folds of your tonsils (also know as tonsil crypts). Over time they begin to calcify and eventually form the tonsil stone.

They don’t pose any serious threat to your health but they’re pretty disgusting and can cause you quite a bit of pain so they’re probably something you don’t want sitting at the back of your throat.

There are quite a few ways to get rid of them but to save you the trip to the doctor’s office, here are 7 home remedies for tonsil stones.

#1 Using your finger

You need to be careful when using this method as it’s pretty easy to make yourself gag but if you can already see the stone then it’s a very effective method to take advantage of.

With a mirror and a flashlight so that you can see to the back of your throat, begin gently pushing the tonsil stones until the pop out of the crypts.

If it’s your first time trying this then it can take a few practices to get good at.

#2 Coughing

If the stones aren’t causing you too much pain, mainly just discomfort, and you don’t necessarily need immediate relief then this will be the most suitable solution.

It may take a while for you to dislodge a tonsil stone but coughing is a great way to figure out if you have them in first place. In some cases the stone will be hiding behind your tonsils so you’d need to cough to jiggle it out of place.

All you need to do is cough quite hard (without being too aggressive) to dislodge the stone, spit it out and gargle some mouthwash to clean out your mouth of bad bacteria – which probably caused the stone in the first place.

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#3 Cotton Swab


This similar to using your finger, you’re just less likely to gag.

With a flashlight and mirror, begin pushing against your tonsil with a wet cotton swab (makes it more gentle) to loosen off the stones. With enough pressure and direction they’ll fall out, just make sure not to hurt yourself in the process.

Once the stone has fallen out of place, spit it out and gargle some mouthwash to clean out any harmful bacteria in your mouth.

#4 Salt Water Gargle

Salty water

If you don’t feel comfortable with using any instruments to loosen your tonsil stones then you’ll prefer this method.

Thanks to its ability to detoxify your mouth, salt water is not only beneficial to your oral health (in many ways) but it’s also very useful in getting rid of and preventing tonsil stones.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Mix together 8 ounces of warm water with 1-2 teaspoons of salt.
  2. Take a sip of some of this water, tilt your head back and begin swirling it around your mouth. Make sure it reaches your tonsils.
  3.  Do this for 15 seconds and repeat until all the water is gone.

#5 Garlic


Thanks to its strong antibacterial properties, garlic is able to breakdown the tonsil stones as well as kill the bad bacteria which first caused them.

Also, the act of chewing could help dislodge the tonsil stones (however you’d have to be chewing pretty vigorously).

Even though it might not be something you’d want to do before a night out or date, garlic can also be very helpful with masking bad breath. Which, if you have tonsil stones, you’re likely to have.

For this to be effective you should chew on a garlic clove daily (before bed if you want).

#6 ToothBrush – preferably electric

Electric Toothbrush

With bristles on your toothbrush, gently push the sides of your tonsils to try and dislodge the stones.

This is much more easily done with an electric toothbrush as the vibration helps loosen the stones even more so and can help break then up.

Once they’ve fallen out, swirl either salt water or mouthwash to clean out your tonsils of bad bacteria.

#7 Apple Cider Vinegar

After adding one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 8 ounces of water, swirl this your mouth and tilt your head back so it reaches your tonsils.

Similar to the garlic, it’ll help breakdown the tonsil stone as well as kill the bacteria that created it in the first place.

Also, gargling will help dislodge the stones as well.


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